Our Products

Our Products

Wall vent caps with dampers and/or screen for exhaust or intake & available in round or rectangular sizes

High Quality roof caps for exhaust, intake or passive venting. Available with screens, dampers, and hard connect

Turbine and gravity ventilators for commercial or residential applications Heavy duty

Wind directional caps, rain caps, vacuum caps & gas vent caps in aluminum, steel, copper & stainless

Backdraft dampers including butterfly dampers, offset pin dampers, manual balancing, and dryer vent dampers

Heavy Duty Duct Fittings including increaser/reducers, flue caps & plugs, stand-off brackets, etc.

High quality copper wall exhaust vents, copper roof vents and eave vents. Options for dampers and screen

High quality, rust free stainless steel roof vent caps, wall vent caps and other high quality items. Damper and screen options available

Foundation, soffit, or eave louvered vents with dampers and/or screen in all sizes. Heavier gauge material

Bath and fan exhaust vents in plastic for roof mount install

Roof vent bases in all sizes for flat, pitched and ridge installation

Vent pipe flashings for flat, pitched and ridge installation